M&A activity in the legal technology and legal services industry (eDiscovery, Litigation Support, etc.) has been very active over the past few years. This trend is expected to continue. If you are wondering whether now is the right time to sell your legal technology or legal services company, the answer is probably yes. If you are wondering about how best to sell your legal technology or legal services business and maximize your outcome, the answer is probably Arbor Ridge Partners.

Having firsthand experience in selling legal technology, eDiscovery, and legal services businesses, Arbor Ridge Partners will guide you through every aspect of the selling process and provide counsel through each step. Our process includes:
  • Diving deep into the client’s company to understand it – a key to ensuring that the business is well represented during the sales process.
  • Understanding and documenting client objectives.
  • Creating a professional marketing package that represents the business in a light most favorable to our client.
  • Identifying a diverse universe of potential buyers, including private equity, private individuals, industry companies and non-industry companies.
By using Arbor Ridge Partners to help you sell your legal technology or legal services company, you minimize distractions to the management team – who must still manage daily operations and grow the business – and gain:
  • An intermediary that will handle the minutia and time consuming tasks associated with the sales process
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Innovative deal structuring
  • Creative problem solving
  • Strategic perspective, which improves company presentation, analysis of options and ultimately, value of the company
  • Higher valuations